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Vapers& News: LOGIC Vapes - Trusted Brand, Great New Products

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Vapers& - LOGIC Power Series, LOGIC Pro, LOGIC LQD, LOGIC Vape Leaf

LOGIC, one of the first and most trusted brands in the electronic cigarette industry. With popular product lines like LOGIC Power Series, LOGIC Pro, LOGIC LQD and LOGIC Vape Leaf, the ecig manufacturer continues to introduce revolutionary products featuring cutting edge technology with the same great reliability and affordability that has earned the brand the trust of vape and tobacco consumers everywhere.

We would like to go over some of these great products in this article from the brand's original product line that is still going strong, to some of the newer products that are quite an exciting addition to the world of vaping and tobacco cessation.

The LOGIC Power Series - Electronic Cigarettes & Cartridge Refills

The LOGIC Power Series was among the first rechargeable electronic cigarettes to hit the market before most of the world had any knowledge of vaping. For over 7 years, LOGIC's Power Series product line has been a favorite substitute to cigarettes with tobacco smokers who were trying to kick the habit.

It's compact, cig-a-like design, powerful, pocket-sized battery and easy-to-use cartomizer refills proved themselves over and over again in the fields of reliability, dependability, durability, convenience and quality. However, at around $3.50 for up to 250 puffs per cartomizer, they aren't the most affordable alternative to cigarettes out there, but you can have some peace of mind knowing you purchased a quality unit that will last longer than most.

Locating replacement starter kits and cartomizers is also a huge plus with the LOGIC Power Series product-line, as they are readily available at many convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops, vape shops and across the internet for purchase.

Vapers& - LOGIC Power Series e Cig Electronic Cigarette

The LOGIC Pro Series - Vape Pens & Capsule Cartridge Refills

The revolutionary, patented design of the LOGIC Pro quickly took the vape community by storm since it's release, some years ago. Utilizing an e-liquid pre-filled capsule system, the LOGIC Pro eliminated the need to constantly replace atomizers and e-liquid as with similarly designed vape-pens. With a greater battery capacity and $3.50 capsules offering up to 1200 puffs per cartridge, the LOGIC Pro is an incredibly smart buy for anyone looking to kick the habit. The only down side would be the overall size of the unit, but that is easily overlooked when you consider the value of what this product brings to the table.

Vapers& - LOGIC Pro Vape Pen

LOGIC LQD Series - Vape Pens, Atomizers & e-Liquids

The quality you would expect from LOGIC can still be found in it's LQD product-line, however, this LQD was not as successful as it's predecessors or competitors. It's quite difficult for any vape-pen to stand toe-to-toe with the LOGIC Pro in terms of puffs per dollar spent, though, if you prefer to have access to a wider range of flavors and nicotine options, the LOGIC LQD is a great buy. With the ability to use any e-liquid of your liking, you are not limited to refill options as you are with LOGIC Pro and Power Series products.

Vapers& - LOGIC LQD Vape Pen

LOGIC Vape Leaf - Electronic Cigarettes & Real Tobacco Cartridges

The exciting new Vape Leaf by LOGIC is another industry first. Utilizing pre-filled cartridges with real tobacco and e-liquid, the vape experience is just about as close as you can get to recreating the sensations of smoking cigarettes, without actually lighting anything on fire and inhaling smoke. However, LOGIC will have some considerable hurdles to climb with this one, as FDA regulations continue to become a burden to electronic cigarette manufacturers and their customers.

Vapers& - LOGIC Vape Leaf

Over the years, LOGIC has redesigned, revamped and launched product after product to suit the need of just about any type of vaper or smoker looking to kick the habit. We can't wait to see what lies ahead for the ecig giant and what new innovations they will bring. In the mean time, if you've reached this point in the article and feel like lighting up a smoke, consider using your LOGIC, instead.

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