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Vapers& News: See how one man saved $3,504 a year with Eonsmoke!

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Meet John Rosenberg, a long-time native of Brooklyn, NY. John started smoking in 1952 at the age of 16. Back then a pack of smokes would cost him around 15 to 25 cents a pack. 15 to 20 cents, A PACK! Could you imagine?

Sixty-four years later, John found himself shelling out $12 a day just to satisfy his smoking habit. That's almost $4,500 a year! Not only was smoking cutting away at his pockets but the negative impacts on his health were a growing concern.

In the 50's there's not much a heavy smoker could do to get himself off the habit. Then came along the gums and the patches. John tried them all over the years but nothing seemed to help. Luckily, John lived to see 2011 and the introduction of Eonsmoke electronic cigarettes to convenience stores and gas stations through-out his neighborhood.


John went down to the convenience store where he normally bought his daily pack of cigarettes and instead decided to pick up an Eonsmoke Economy Kit for $15. In the starter kit, John received a battery (concealed to look like a cigarette tube), a USB charger and two red cartridge refills that looked like red cigarette butts.

John asked Carlos, the worker at the store, about the device. Carlos explained that the red cartridges were Eonsmoke's Wrangler flavor cartridge, designed to taste similar to a Marlboro full-flavored cigarette (and John loved his Marlboro Reds). Each cartridge allowed for up to 250 puffs, which was equal to smoking a pack of cigarettes, except without the harmful tar, tobacco or smoke. Instead John would be inhaling a flavored water vapor with nicotine. How much nicotine? The starter kit included 18 milligrams of nicotine per cartridge.

John thought to himself that he paid $15 for what basically amounted to two-packs of cigarettes which would've cost him $24. He just saved $9. It got better though! John learned that he could purchase additional cartridge refills in a 5-pack for $12. They were also available in different flavors like cherry and menthol, as well as different nicotine strengths including 0 nicotine.

John thought to himself some more...

At $12 for five cartridges, each cartridge cost John $2.40 a piece. A pack of cigarettes was $12 a pack. A cartridge, equivalent to a pack was $2.40. It was a no-brainer. John made the switch that day from traditional tobacco smoking to puffing on his Eonsmoke electronic cigarette.

Although it wasn't easy at first, John used 24mg nicotine cartridges to replace his heavy cigarette smoking. He gradually worked his way down the available nicotine strengths offered by Eonsmoke, until he felt comfortable with 0 nicotine. He also carried a couple of pre-charged batteries so that he would never miss a puff.

Not only did he manage to kick his smoking habit, but John got rid of his nicotine addiction as well! The switch ultimately saved him $3,504 a year, not including the money he saved in medical bills that came along with a life-time of tobacco smoking.

John's been tobacco free for 5 years now and we're happy to have his business here at We loved his story so much that we thought we'd share it. We all know someone who struggles with smoking. Share John's inspiring story with them and hopefully they can finally kick the habit too!

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