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Vapers& News: The Eonsmoke Pod Vape - Review w/ Coupon Codes

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Vapers& - Eonsmoke Pod Vape Starter Kits & JUUL Compatible 4% 6% Nicotine Pod Cartridge Tank Refills


Vapers& is proud to introduce the Eonsmoke Pod Vaping System. Since the company's inception in the Summer of 2010, Eonsmoke has catered to the vaping community's needs with their wide range of vaping products at prices that are difficult to pass up.

Whether you're on the market for a cig-a-like, e-hookah, e-liquids, pods, mods, cartridges or capsules, Eonsmoke has a vape system for you. However, there is no question that pod vaping is all the rage this year, so let's take a look at our two featured pod vaping systems.

JUUL by Pax Labs was the first vape of it's kind to utilize a pod system and has become synonymous with pod vaping. Since it's creation, a number of similar devices have emerged from different manufacturers, but most notably...

...the Eonsmoke Pod Vaping System

Commonly referred to as "The JUUL Killer", the Eonsmoke Pod Vape Device was designed to out-shine the crown jewel of the pod vaping realm, JUUL. While which system is best is simply a matter of opinion, we've compiled some information to help you decide yourself.

Make & Model Battery Capacity Pod Tank Capacity Starter Kit w/ Pods Price $ Pod Tank Refill Price $ Nicotine-Salt Based e Juice
Eonsmoke Pod Vape 220mAh - up to 2.2 hrs of vaping 1.0mL - up to 300 puffs $39.99 $2.99 each - sold as 4-pack Yes
Pax Labs JUUL 200mAh - up to 2 hrs of vaping 0.7mL - up to 200 puffs $49.99 $3.98 each - sold as 4-pack Yes


So what do things like mAh and nicotine-salts mean? Here's the breakdown...

Battery Capacity:

The e-cig battery and other small battery's capacity to hold units of electric charge is measured in mAh or milli-Ampere-hours. It can get a little complicated, but generally speaking, a 200mAh battery typically allows for up to 2 hours of continuous vaping before the battery is completely drained. Results may vary depending on factors such as the length of the draw, or long-inhales vs short-inhales.

Pod Tank Capacity:

Pod tank capacity is determined by measuring the full amount of vape juice the pod tank can hold. Generally speaking, the more vape juice in the tank, the more puffs you will get before having to replace the tank. Results may vary depending on factors such as the length of the draw, or long-inhales vs short-inhales.

Nicotine-Salt Based e Juice:

Nicotine-salts used in vape juice allows for smoother, less harsh throat-hits when vaping with higher nicotine mixtures, which is very appealing to those trying to curb their nicotine cravings.

Those of us who are familiar with vaping with freebase nicotine solutions know that using vape juice with high nicotine would almost set your throat on fire on the inhale. Substituting high nicotine vape juices with nicotine-salts has completely overcome this flaw.

Starter Kit & Pod Prices $:

Prices on the many types of vape devices and their refills can vary for a variety of reasons. For example, some vape devices are loaded with features like temperature control, airflow control, variable voltage and wattage settings, LED screens, etc...Refill prices can vary based on where the vape juice was manufactured, such as the USA, Europe or China, among other things.

A general rule of thumb we would suggest when shopping for vapes is "Puffs Per Dollar Spent". How many puffs does the device and their refills offer you for the money you've spent?

Some other things to consider...

...would be nicotine options, flavor options and compatibility.

Nicotine Options:

JUUL pods are currently available in 0.5% nicotine by volume or 50mgs nicotine by weight.

Eonsmoke pods are currently available in 0.4% nicotine by volume or 40mg nicotine by weight and 0.6% nicotine by volume or 60mg nicotine by weight.

Flavor Options:

JUUL currently offers a total of 8 flavor pods. Their more common flavor options include Cool Mint, Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley, Mango and Virginia Tobacco, along with Limited Edition pods in Cool Cucumber, Classic Menthol and Classic Tobacco flavors.

Eonsmoke currently offers a total of 7 flavor pods including Blueberry, Caffè Latte, Cool Mint, Mango, Silky Strawberry, Tobacco and Watermelon. Eonsmoke also offers a Variety Pack of pods with Cool Mint, Mango, Tobacco and Watermelon flavors.


The JUUL Vape Device will accept both JUUL Pods and Eonsmoke Pods.

The Eonsmoke Vape Device will accept both JUUL Pods and Eonsmoke Pods.

The Crown Jewel of Pod Vaping

So can the Eonsmoke Pod Vape System dethrone JUUL as the crown jewel of pod vaping? Well according to the information we've presented in this article and feedback from our customers, the answer may very well be, yes. However, vaping is believing!

Vapers& is proud to feature the amazing new Pod Vaping System by Eonsmoke on our website and if our prices weren't low enough, they just got even lower. We would like to extend to you coupon code "VAPE4ME" good for 10% off your next order so you can vape for yourself and be the judge. Leaving a review on our products will also generate a coupon code for you for future purchases. So, what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE!

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