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VAP 101: Atomizers

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 Anatomy of an atomizer



The atomizer is one of the original heating element designs in "e-cig" or "vaporizer" construction.
They tend to have a small capacity for e-Liquid and are usually the best choice for those who prefer dripping (Applying e-Liquid one drop at a time for maximum flavor hits).

The housing for an atomizer comes in varying shapes and form such as a cartridge or metal tank for holding the e-Liquid. The majority of atomizers utilize a heating coil on the bottom of the housing with a metal mesh on top of the coil. Some atomizers use a silica wick instead of a metal mesh. 

Atomizer may also sometimes be used as a generic term referring to the heating coil of a clearomizer or cartomizer.

Advantages of an Atomizer
- Usually placed in small encasements for compact designs.
- Easy to use.
- Easy to refill and switch between flavors. Perfect for those who prefer to drip.
- Relatively inexpensive.

Disadvantages of an Atomizer
- Would need to be constantly refilled if you vape frequently.
- Difficult to monitor the amount of e-Liquid left.
- Life of atomizer heating element is shorter than that of other designs.

Cartridge and atomizer 


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