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VAP 101: Clearomizers

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Anatomy of a clearomizer




Clearomizers use a clear tank in which an atomizer is inserted. There are a lot of different wicking systems employed inside of clearomizers to ensure good moistening of the wick without flooding the coil. Some rely on gravity to bring the e-liquid to the wick and coil assembly (bottom coil clearomizers for example) whereas others rely on capillary action and to some degree the user agitating the e-liquid while handling the clearomizer (top coil clearomizers). The coil and wicks are typically inside a prefabricated assembly or "head" that is replaceable by the user and can contain either single or dual coils.

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Advantages of a Clearomizer
- Large capacity for e-Liquid.
- Clear tank makes it easier to monitor e-Liquid levels.
- Longer lasting vape sessions in comparison with atomizers or cartomizers.
- Powerful flavor delivery in comparison with atomizers or cartomizers.

Disadvantages of a Clearomizer
- Usually more expensive than atomizers or cartomizers.
- May retain flavor of previously used e-Liquids.(Purchase additional tanks for extra flavors)
- May leak depending on manufacturer and model.
- Requires some maintenance and skill on how to use properly.


Clearomizer Tank, coil base and clearomizer heating coil

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