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Vapers& Asks: Is JUUL really the best pod vape out there?

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Vapers& - Pod Vaping - Review of Pod Vapes & Pod Refills

Introduction to Pod Vaping

It's the latest craze in the vaping community, but what is pod vaping and why is it so popular? The term 'pod vaping' refers to vaping with an electronic vape device that utilizes tank systems known as pods.

In 2007, Pax Labs, formerly known as Ploom, launched their JUUL Pod Vaping System. While most electronic cigarettes used refills in cartridge (cartomizer) form, others used refillable tanks known as clearomizers. The unique look of JUUL tanks earned the name 'pod', which eventually became the term applied to all ecig tanks of a similar design. Likewise, the unique design of the JUUL device earned the name 'pod vape' or 'pod mod' and set the standard for the many pod vape brands that would follow in the footsteps of Pax Labs.

As the industry continues to evolve, pod vaping has become more and more popular due to the simplicity of the systems. They are very easy to use and eliminate the needs for messy replacement coils and drippy drippers for e juice, unless of course you're looking for a refillable pod system.

Pod vapes are also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in one's palm or pocket. They are uniquely designed to hold more charge than a typical cylinder or tube styled ecig and are far less bulky than box or tube mods. Light-weight, compact, cost-effective and modern, there is great potential foreseen for this type of vaping system.

The Pod Mod Vape Device

The Pod Vape device is typically defined by it's flat, rectangular shaped case which houses the battery. They tend to have an appearance comparable to a USB flash-drive as opposed to a cylindrical, tube-shaped case like most electronic cigarettes that were designed to look and feel like a traditional tobacco cigarette. Both designs typically offer the same battery capacity and power output, however, pod vapes are widely available with magnetic connections that allow for easy installation and removal of the refill tanks.

Vapers& - Anatomy of Pod Mod, Pod Tank, Ecig, Cartomizer and Disposable Ecig

The Pod Tank Cartridge Refills

Pod Cartridge Tanks are usually available as pre-filled units, however, some manufacturers do offer refillable pod tanks. Refillable pod cartridge tanks can be used with any e juice of your liking. Pre-filled pod cartridge tanks tend to utilize a nicotine-salt based e juice solution vs free-base nicotine as with most e liquids. This attribute could most likely be associated with the recent success and increase in popularity of pod vaping systems because of the reduced harshness on the throat when inhaling nicotine-salt based e juice. Nicotine-salt based e juices are also said to taste better and produce smoother clouds on the inhale and exhale.

Other appealing attributes of pod tank refills are their unique design and simplicity of use. While traditional cartomizer ecigs have threaded connections that require screwing and unscrewing of refills, pod tank refills commonly use a magnetic connection so the tank would very easily snap onto or off of the device.

The Crown Jewel of Pod Vaping

There's no mistaking that pod vaping and JUUL have almost become synonymous, however, is JUUL really the crown jewel of the pod vaping industry? While we cannot give a definitive answer to that question, we can try to show some of the similarities and differences between the current industry-leading pod vape devices and refills. Which pod vape is better can vary from user to user and is simply a matter of personal opinion.

Pod Vape Devices & Pod Cartridge Tanks - Comparison Chart

Make & Model Battery Capacity Pod Tank Capacity Starter Kit Price Pod Tank Refill Price Pod Tank Refillable?
Bo One 380mAh - up to 3 1/2 hrs of vaping 1.5mL - up to 200 puffs $39.99 $5.33 each - sold as 3-pack No
Boulder Rock 360mAh - up to 3 1/2 hrs of vaping 1.5mL - up to 200 puffs $9.99 $3.48 each - sold as 2-pack Yes
Eonsmoke Pod Vape 220mAh - up to 2 hrs of vaping 1.0mL - up to 300 puffs $39.99 $2.99 each - sold as 4-pack No
MLV Phix 280mAh - up to 2 1/2 hrs of vaping 1.5mL - up to 400 puffs $29.99 $5.74 each - sold as 4-pack No
Nex Labs Limited SMPO 650mAh - up to 6 1/2 hrs of vaping 1.8mL - up to 400 puffs $33.99 $7.99 each - sold as 2-pack No
Pax Labs JUUL 200mAh - up to 2 hrs of vaping 0.7mL - up to 200 puffs $34.99 $3.98 each - sold as 4-pack No
Vaptio C-FLAT 350mAh - up to 3 1/2 hrs of vaping 1.5mL - up to 200 puffs $39.99 $5.75 each - sold as 4-pack Yes

Pod Vape Devices & Pod Cartridge Tanks - Category Winners

Battery Capacity At 650mAh the SMPO Pod Vape by Nex Labs Limited is by far the leader in battery capacity, allowing for up to 6 1/2 hours of vaping pleasure before the battery is drained and will need charging.

Pod Tank Capacity With a tank containing 1.8mL of e juice, SMPO Pod Tank Refills have the industry leading capacity for e juice and allow for up to 400 puffs per pod.

Starter Kit Price The Rock by Boulder is sold as a complete kit with everything you need to get started, including a free bottle of e juice, all for only $9.99. Winner!

Pod Tank Refill Price Eonsmoke Pods for the Eonsmoke and JUUL Pod Devices retail for as low as $2.99 per pod and are sold as 4-packs. This would award Eonsmoke the winner's title in the pod tank refill price category as well as widest range of pod device compatibility.

Is JUUL really the best pod vape out there?

While it's arguably the most popular pod vape on the market today, we couldn't say for sure if JUUL is the best pod vape out there. There are a number of categories we have not touched on that could affect someones opinion on which manufacturer's pod system is the winner of best pod vape: How do the pod flavors taste? How many flavors and nicotine levels are available in the pods? How reliable are the pods and devices? Is there a warranty? Can I purchase them regularly or are they difficult to find?

Judging for yourself is really the best way to go about it and with coupon code "TENOFFPODS" you can find out here at Vapers& for a really great price. We carry all the industry leading pod vape devices and refills at great prices with fast shipping and excellent customer service. 

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