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Disposable e-Cigs


Disposable electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are vape devices that utilize a battery and pre-filled cartomizer (cartridge) to replicate the act of smoking without any tar, tobacco, combustion or smoke. They are similar in size and appearance to a traditional tobacco cigarette.
Adopting names such as "use-n-throw" and "one-time-use" e-cigs, they are used until they no longer provide vapor and are then thrown away. Other names that apply to disposable e-cigs include "cig-a-like" and "disposable vaporizer".

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Good flavor that lasts!

I was already a fan of the Hyde slim spearmint but after getting tired of the 40 minute drive and $9.99 price tag per vape in Idaho I decided to look around online. Vapes and papers is significantly cheaper than most other sites I found and I received my product within just a couple of days! The Hyde slim spearmint is great because unlike other brands I’ve tried the coil doesn’t seem to burn out as quickly as other brands. Will buy again!

Strawberry lychee ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Strawberry lychee is great ..last longs.. deep hits ...and isnt great though

Mango is a hit!

I like these mango pods because of their subtle flavor; not too sweet, not too orangey.



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