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Dry Herb & Tobacco Vaporizers


Dry herb and tobacco vaporizers are vape devices designed to replicate the act of smoking without any combustion or smoke. They slowly toast your dry herbsuch as tobacco to produce an aerosol known as vapor, which can then be inhaled. They consist of three parts which are the battery (heats up atomizer), the atomizer (heats up substance) and the tank (contains substance).

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Great product! Will be purchasing again!

Delicious and Convenient

I love the sealed packaging that keeps the pod fresh until you need it. It also has two reusable silicone caps that keep the pocket lint out of ports.

On time delivery everytime

Vapers and paper truly bring the customer satisfaction to the next level . Always on time. I will be doing my business here all the time. thank you

Five stars

I was unable to find my Eonsmoke tobacco flavored cartridges in 18mg any where else. To my surprise, the price was cheaper then I had been paying elsewhere and the package arrived in just 3 days!!
Happy customer!



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