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e-Liquid (e-juice, vape juice) refills are used with e-liquid vaporizers that use refillable e-liquid tanks (clearomizer tanks, cartomizer tanks, pod tanks) such as vape-pens, pod modstube mods and box mods.
These refills usually come in a bottle with a needle-nose tip or a dropper for clean and easy application. They are available in a wide variety of flavors, with (freebase nicotine, salt nicotine) or without nicotine and can be mixed to produce unique flavors of your own.
Not all e-Liquids are compatible with all tanks, atomizers and coils so be sure to read each product page carefully and do some additional research before vaping.
e-Liquids are for vaping purposes only. Avoid drinking, adding to food, contact with your eyes and keep away from pets and children.  


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820 reviews
Best Place Online for Phix

I don't live close to any stores that sell Phix pods, so I ordered here and they delivered cheap pods super fast! I will definitely buy from here again when I run out.

None of these pods worked!

I’m a big fan of eonsmoke pods and have never had any issues with their products but literally not a single one of these pods would activate properly. I know it’s not just my device, as the watermelon pods I ordered at the same time worked fine—as did some Juul brand pods I bought while I was waiting on these to ship. Disappointed but hopefully this won’t happen again!

Not too fond of flavor

Tastes like. Chocolate mocha protein bar/ fake flavor. Love my watermelon though