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Eonsmoke Juul Compatible Pod Vape V2 Starter Kits


JUUL Labs, Inc offers a great selection of pre-filled pods with just the right amount of salt nicotine to curb your cravings and keep you on your path to a tobacco-free lifestyle.
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Love the flavors I’m a big fan

The flavors are all so delicious tasting. I’m a very satisfied customer and can’t wait to put in another order.
Thanks, Tina

Ammonia Free

Does it taste like a cigarette? No, but it doesn't taste like urine which is a refreshing change from every other tobacco e-liquid out there. The very first time I tried Boulder's American Blend Tobacco I thought it didn't taste like anything at all. And then I let my taste buds heal from the damage that Vuse did to them and lo and behold, it's frickin' delicious! It's slightly nutty, slightly sweet, and just the tiniest bit waxy. It makes you feel like you've licked a very strange candle. This description is weird but I am grateful for finding an all day e-liquid that doesn't make you nauseous from the overwhelming sweetness. Also, thank you Vapers&Papers for the fast shipping and being the only company on the face of planet earth who will ship to Colorado.

Great flavor

Really like this brand and the flavor. Its no too sweet and isn't harsh. Definitely buying again!



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