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Pre-Filled Replacement Cartomizer Tanks


Pre-filled replacement cartomizer tanks are typically used with rechargeable e-cig vaporizers/ cartomizer vaporizers  and can be used with any e-liquid of your choosing.
They are available in a wide variety of flavors, with or without nicotine. Other names that apply to cartomizer refills are "cartridge", "atomizer".


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678 reviews
Fantastic watermelon flavor

Tastes just like a juicy piece of watermelon. Great flavor for pretty much anyone. I always get a pack of these when I order

Best flavor by eonsmoke

great pineapple taste that does not get tiring. very easy to go through a pod in one day. This and watermelon are easily the best flavors. wish I would have gotten this in my last order.

Almost a good flavor

Eonsmoke pods have yet to disappoint me, but this flavor was the most lackluster. The grape flavor could benefit from a strong grape taste. It has more of a natural grape flavor, almost sparkling cider like. Not the artificial grape flavor that you would find in a hard candy. Although, that would be a good flavor to add

Another great flavor by Eonsmoke

Blueberry is one of my new favorite flavors now. Has a little bit of a blue raspberry taste to me and does not get tiresome. Will be ordering more of this alongside watermelon and pineapple.

Flavors are harsh and similar

Paladin was the best flavor of the bunch. Good fruity flavor with a nice throat hit. The other flavors were nothing to write home about. The juice in those pods were dark and almost too harsh to vape.