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Rechargeable e-Cig Starter Kits


Rechargeable electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are vape devices designed to replicate the act of smoking without any tar, tobacco, combustion or smoke. They are similar in size and appearance to a traditional tobacco cigarette and consist of three parts which are the battery (heats up atomizer), the atomizer (heats up substance) and the tank (contains substance).
Rechargeable e-cigs require replacement cartomizer (cartridge) tanks and charging of the battery with frequent use. Other names that apply to rechargeable e-cigs include "cig-a-like" and "rechargeable vaporizer".

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3743 reviews
Excellent Service

Prompt delivery and friendly customer service.

Good pods

I really enjoyed the flavor of these pods. Only one leaked, not bad.

Love this product

I’ve been using this product for about 4 years now. This was the first vaping product I tried and I’ve sampled dozens of others but always come back to the Boulder Rock.

The Best Vape!

I'm not normally a review guy but I love this product so much I thought I'd share it with others.

This was my first purchase through Vapers & Papers and I'll definitely be back to place another order soon.

I was surprised how fast my order was processed and shipped. I received my order only 2 days later!

Mango ICE is hands down... The best flavor I've ever tried! I highly recommend picking one up!

Keep up the great work guys!



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