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Vaporizers w/ Cartomizer Tanks


A cartomizer vaporizer (CV) is a vape device designed to replicate the act of smoking without any tar, tobacco, combustion or smoke. They earned their name because they heat up e-liquid within a pre-filled and sealed cartomizer tank to produce an aerosol known as vapor, which can then be inhaled.
They consist of three parts which are the battery (heats up atomizer), the atomizer (heats up substance) and the tank (contains substance).
Other names that apply to cartomizer vaporizers include, "cartridge vaporizer", "cig-a-like", "e-cig" and "e-hookah".



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Best Place Online for Phix

I don't live close to any stores that sell Phix pods, so I ordered here and they delivered cheap pods super fast! I will definitely buy from here again when I run out.

None of these pods worked!

I’m a big fan of eonsmoke pods and have never had any issues with their products but literally not a single one of these pods would activate properly. I know it’s not just my device, as the watermelon pods I ordered at the same time worked fine—as did some Juul brand pods I bought while I was waiting on these to ship. Disappointed but hopefully this won’t happen again!

Not too fond of flavor

Tastes like. Chocolate mocha protein bar/ fake flavor. Love my watermelon though