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Vaporizers w/ Capsule Tanks


Capsule vaporizers are vape devices designed to replicate the act of smoking without any tar, tobacco, combustion or smoke. They earned their name because they heat up e-liquid within a pre-filled and sealed capsule tank to produce an aerosol known as vapor, which can then be inhaled.
They consist of three parts which are the battery (heats up atomizer), the atomizer (heats up substance) and the tank (contains substance).

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Very tasty

This flavor is easily in my top 10 all time flavors. Worth it


I am always highly satisfied with both your products and your prompy service

Good Pods

Good flavor just wish I wouldn't have to flick the pods all the time to get the bubbles out for a consistent hit

These are my favorite

I am so upset about the new law banning fruit pods. Most illnesses from vaping are those with thc. This isn’t right for those of us adults who use these in place of smoking. All my drs said this was better than the cigarettes I smoked for 25 years. Eonsmoke pineapple & Pomegranate are my favorite

Happy Customer

I received my order quickly and I am very happy with all of the items !



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