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Waxy Oil & Concentrates Vaporizers


Waxy oil and concentrates vaporizers are vape devices designed to replicate the act of smoking without any tar, tobacco, combustion or smoke. They melt your waxy oils and concentrates to produce an aerosol known as vapor, which can then be inhaled. They consist of three parts which are the battery (heats up atomizer), the atomizer (heats up substance) and the tank (contains substance).

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655 reviews
Not great

Half of them didn’t even work, and leaked constantly. Wouldn’t buy again

Great product

The first e-cigarettes I found with a true lung hit

Bubble gum caps

Awesome flavor. Hands down my favorite.

Not a fan of the flavor

My friend loves it but not my kinda flavor

Great capsule - flavor not so much

Thought I would try Eon refit with adaptor. Worked great. Great strength but flavor not minty or menthol at all. Also, drains battery of Pro very quickly. Probably because of adaptor. Will stick with pro refills for now.