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Vapers& Age Verification

Vapers&'s Age Verification Process

All orders placed with Vapers& are Age Verified at Checkout. This is usually a seamless process that forms part of a standard checkout.

We reserve the right to use third-party age-verification systems, in accordance with federal law. If necessary, we reserve the right to ask for identification. You must be of the legal smoking age in the State or Province in which you reside to purchase electronic cigarette/vaping and tobacco related products from this website. In instances when credit card or billing address verification is unable to match you to our third-party database, we will be required to review your government issued identification card. You will be asked to upload a legible copy of your identification that clearly shows your name, age and shipping address. If proper identification cannot be given, your order will not be accepted.


How are you age verifying me?

We have partnered with, and industry leading age verification service.The information you provide at checkout is used by to complete a public records search, only reporting back on whether or not you are of the legal age age to purchase vape/ tobacco related products in the State or Province in which you live. If their system cannot immediately verify your age, you may be required to upload a Photo ID.


What is AgeChecker.Net?

AgeChecker.Net provides age verification services to online stores that sell age restricted products such as vaporizers and tobacco related products. Age verification is required by many federal and state laws.


What information is required?

For most customers, only requires your date of birth, name, and address. If they cannot verify your age automatically, they will require a picture of your photo ID.

Note that they are often able to get this information from the form you filled out at checkout. In this case, you will only have to input your date of birth manually.


How do I upload my photo ID?

To make it as easy as possible, has three options for sending them a photo ID:

  • Take a picture using your webcam directly from their popup.
  • Upload a picture directly from their popup.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and use your phone's camera to complete the process.


How long does verification take? can verify about 90% of U.S. customers instantly using basic personal information.

If you cannot be verified automatically, you must submit a picture of your photo ID to be manually verified. This process is easy and takes place within their popup. Once submitted, it will take around 10 seconds to verify you, depending on the number of requests in their queue. You may cover other sensitive information, just make sure that they can clearly see your name, date of birth, expiration and enough of the ID to verify that it is real.


How do I know if I'm age verified?

If the system successfully verified your age during checkout, you will be directed to an order confirmation page and will receive confirmation of your order and shipping details by email or SMS. If the system has been unable to verify your age, you will be asked to upload a Photo ID for further verification. Customers whose ID's are approved will be notified at Checkout and their order will process and ship as usual. Customers whose ID's are not approved will be notified at Checkout and their order will be declined. You can email for additional information on the status of your age verification.


Do I have to be age verified every time I place an order on Vapers&

Your Age Verification is associated with the information you provided at Checkout while logged into your Customer Account with us. As long as you are logged in under that account, you will not have to re-age verify on Vapers& for additional purchases. You can also email for more information as to your age verification status.


What if I don't live in the US?

International customers still have to submit their information for's records, however, you will never be asked for a photo ID if you are ordering from outside the US. If we determine that you are in the US but shipping internationally, you will have to be verified via photo ID.


Is my account information safe? (Vapers&

Vapers& understands that when people shop online, they want to know their personal information will be safe and secure. Vapers& is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Certification and uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology to help keep personal information secure.


Is my account information safe? (

The information you provide is used purely to verify your age. We never share or sell data to third-parties.

Your privacy and security are important to us. Access to all our services are protected with strong 256-bit AES encryption. All personal information is stored on a private internal network that is not connected to the internet.

We will store your DOB, name, and address so that we can verify you without photo ID if you order again. 

Photo IDs are not stored and will be removed as soon as you are verified.


Changes to your Vapers& Account

 Customer Accounts are required to purchase products through our website.


Can I change the name on my Vapers& account or billing information?

Since the name associated with your account and billing information is used to help verify your age, we do not allow changes to that information.


Can I buy Vapers& products as a gift and ship it to someone else?

Yes, unless you are in the States of California or Washington. For those able to gift, if the name on the shipping address does not match your account or billing name, your order will require the signature of an adult over the age of 21 at the time of delivery. An additional $5.71 will be added to your order total for this shipping method.


I live in California or Washington. Why can't I change my shipping address?

California and Washington state laws require that your billing and shipping information be identical. If you change your billing information, we will automatically update your shipping information to match.


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