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520 reviews

Tasted like a weird chocolately substance, but not in a good way. Nothing like tobacco. I threw the pods out

Pretty good product.

Great selection of flsvors. I got Caffe, mango, pineapple and strawberry. All of them tastes good. Looks like they last a little less than original pods, but you can never count it))

Amazing and best tasting

Amazing lasted me 2 weeks buying 12 pods amongst three friends and three jules

Not really worth it

I've purchased this product twice. The flavor of the pods are decent. However my first one leaked way too much and stopped charging. Now within 3 weeks of having my second one, it's completely dead. Will not charge no matter what. I've cleaned it, tried 5 different cords and every outlet. When it was working the company claims the battery lasts 6 hours per 1 hour charge. My sol would not keep a charge and still would leak a lot. As of now I will not be buying another one, I'm wasting money on continuously trying to replace it and the chargers just for it to not work.