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Lava Disposable e-Hookah - 24 Count Variety Box w/ 5% Salt Nicotine -
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Lava Disposable e-Hookah - 24 Count Variety Box w/ 5% Salt Nicotine

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Lava Disposable e-Hookah - 24 Count Variety Box w/ 5% Salt Nicotine

Enjoy all your favorite Lava disposable e-hookah flavors with a crave-curbing concentration of 5% salt nicotine per stick. Now you can get greater satisfaction with fewer puffs as salt nicotine is more effectively and efficiently absorbed by the body. Salt nicotine also allows for a much smoother, more flavorful vaping experience.

Each disposable e-hookah offers up to 600 puffs for an astounding total of up to 14,400 puffs per box. Every e-hookah glows with their own LED color and features button-less activation. Just inhale and enjoy any of the 6 great flavors included with this box.

- Compact, light-weight, discreet.

- New reinforced mouth-tip.

- Up to 600 puffs per stick.

- Easy-to-use, button-less activation.

- 5% (50mg) salt nicotine per stick.

Lava Disposable e-Hookah - 24 Count Variety Box includes:

4 x Vanilla Cream - Sweet vanilla with notes of smooth cream flavor.
4 x Fusion - A juicy cocktail of strawberry and kiwi flavors.
4 x Watermelon with Mint - Mouth-watering watermelon kissed with a hint of mint.
4 x Summer Passion - A sensational citrus blend of passionfruit, orange and guava.
4 x Mint - A cool, crisp, refreshing mint flavor.
4 x Splash Ice - An exhilarating spearmint with a subtly sweet watermelon flavor. 

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4458 reviews
Long lasting with great flavors

I have tried many different brands and the Fruty Maxx Pro 2500 is the best. I use it all day and they last me about 5 or 6 days. Peach Ice is one of my favorite flavors. Great price too, I'm saving tons of money not smoking cigarettes anymore. From $6.50 a day to $13 a week is great! Definitely recommend

Berry good

I liked the taste of these pods but was disappointed in that they leaked and did not work with three different Juul devices that I had. I think I must have received a defective batch.


I smoked regular cigarettes for 14 years but switched for health reasons. I tried many kinds but none of them tasted or burned like actual tobacco. This is my ONLY smoking product I’ll use, god forbid it gets taken away!!!!!! It will help get any smoker—i Smoked Marlboro BLACKS 2 packs a day—-off of cigs and still give them the nicotine they want esoecially for people like me with stress/anxiety disorders, BUT you still have clear lungs, no heavy ache in your lungs, no wheezing (unless you take a HUGE puff) and it’s just...awesome. +AAA

Great flavor

Really love this flavor. Stays consistent the whole time will definitely buy again

These ard the best capes e er delicious taste and minty feel on tongue



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