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MYLE Pod Vape Device Kit  - Pod Vaporizer (Black) -
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MYLE Pod Vape Device Kit  - Pod Vaporizer (Black) - MYLE Pod Vape Device Kit  - Pod Vaporizer (Black) - MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit  - Pod Vaporizer (Black) - MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit  - Pod Vaporizer (Black) - MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit  - Pod Vaporizer (Black) - MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit  - Pod Vaporizer (Black) -

MYLE Pod Vape Device Kit - Pod Vaporizer (Black)

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MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit - Pod Vaporizer (Black)

Introducing the MYLE Pod Vaping System! An exciting new Italian-made pod vape to rival the crown jewel of the pod vape industry, JUUL!

The MYLE features an ultra-compact, highly portable design with a stylish black finish. Packing a powerful, pocket-sized 240mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you can vape for hours before having to recharge back to full. With the included USB charger, you'll be back to vaping within the hour.

Simple and easy to use, the MYLE is draw-activated so there's no buttons to push, just inhale and enjoy. The magnetic connection makes installing and removing the MYLE Pods a breeze.

MYLE Pods hold 0.9mL of quality vape juice derived from nicotine salts, which allows for less harsh throat hits, faster and better absorption by the body which means you'll require less puffs to satisfy your cravings. MYLE Pods are sold separately in a variety of unique, delicious flavors.

- Button-less activation, just inhale.

- 240mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

- Dimensions: 96mm x 19mm x 7.2mm

- Light-weight design, easy to use and maintain.

- Each pod cartridge has 0.9mL e-liquid capacity.

- Up to 300 puffs per pod cartridge (sold separately).

- Uses convenient nicotine-salt based, pre-filled disposable pod cartridges (sold separately).

The MYLE Pod Vaporizer can only be used with MYLE Pod Tanks (pods sold separately).

NOTE: Use special caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or defect, permanent or temporary that may be caused by the improper use of a LI-ION battery. Please have a basic understanding of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.


How long does the battery last between charges?

6 Hours

How long does the battery take to fully recharge?

1 hours

How much e-Liquid can the tank hold?


What is included with this vaporizer starter kit?

1 - MYLE Pod Vaporizer

1 - MYLE Micro-USB Charger Cable

1 - MYLE Pod Vaporizer Instruction Manual

1 - MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit Gift Box


Battery Specs






Magnetic Connection






Magnetic Connection



MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit - Pod Cartridge Vaporizer Unboxing & Review Video

An unboxing and review video of the MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit - Pod Cartridge Vaporizer, only $24.99 here at

MYLE Pod Vape Starter Kit - Pod Cartridge Vaporizer is compatible with...

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Love it

Juul replacement

Replaced my juul with this, much better flavor options


This thing is way better than the Juul that I had. Charge last all day for me and the pods taste great all the way through. Definitely would recommend this product to any one wanting to quit cigarettes.

eonsmokepodvapejuulcompatible eonsmokepodvapejuulcompatible


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1039 reviews
Pleasantly surprised

I have been using the Suorin air V2 steadily since I received it for my CBD oils. Works every time flawlessly. I have still not haved to charge it. I am impressed.

It was very good and flavorful

MYLE Pod Tanks - Lush Ice (4 pack)

Issues With Eon V2

I purchased this device because I liked the fact that it was compatible with other pods and other chargers (specifically Juul) but I also liked the colors that this device was offered in. It's also nice to have an alternative to the Juul device that does work with Juul and other pods. The first device I ordered was purple. I saw 2 different shades of purple for this device and was interested in the darker shade which appears that may have been the V1 device but I'm still not certain on that. The one I received was a lighter purple and was completely not functional in less than one week. The bottom of the device was bowed out and could not stand up. The top of the device was a very tight fit with any pods but Juul (including Eon's own pods which I happen to like). It was disappointing. We contacted both vapers and papers and Eon. Eon was kind enough to replace the device. I switched to a different color in the hopes of ending up with a color that I would like along with hopefully a better functioning device. Eon did not really comment on whether or not the device was defective as compared to current stock. I can just say this. This second device that I received (rainbow chrome-great color) is similar. The bottom is bowed and has some difficulty standing. The fit for pods is somewhat ridiculous and we are still trying to figure out a way to get this device to not cause my zlab (ziip lab) (eon, ziip and airbender) pods to flood or break. It does work with Juul pods but I would have hoped that a device marketed as an Eonsmoke device would have worked really well with Eon Pods. I hope to see an improved device here in the future because I do believe you have a good product on your hands with great selling capability if continued improvements are made and the items are priced appropriately. This is coming from an 8 year dual user (vaper/smoker). Disposable pods systems are new to me but I've still got by my box mod set ups. I hope this review is helpful to you wh...