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Rizla Blue Single Wide Rolling Paper - 50-Leaf Single Booklet -
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Rizla Blue Single Wide Rolling Paper - 50-Leaf Single Booklet - Rizla Blue Single Wide Rolling Paper - 50-Leaf Single Booklet -

Rizla Blue Single Wide Rolling Paper - 50-Leaf Single Booklet

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Rizla Blue Single Wide Rolling Paper - 50-Leaf Single Booklet

Rizla Blue Regular Rolling Papers are a lot finer and thinner than the Regular Red or Green Rizla and each paper is watermarked with the Rizla logo. These papers have a higher taste intensity then other Regular Rizla’s, are more difficult to roll with but will produce a lot less ash than the Regular Greens or Reds. If you like a small thin paper these papers are high in quality and fit easily into any pocket or tobacco pouch.

Rizla papers are FSC Certified, which helps to maintain the world's most important forest resources. Regular Blue Rizla use only the finest quality natural Arabic gum on their papers. A paper slip folded in with the leaves reminds you when you're running low. One single pack contains 50 rolling papers.

- 50 leaves per booklet.

- 100 booklets per box.

- Dimensions are 70mm x 36mm.

- Used with any 70mm rolling machine.

- Papers are made from rice w/ cut corners.

- Adhesive made from 100% Natural Arabic Gum.

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Leaked and Burnt Tatse

Opened 2 of the 4 pods and both leaked right away. The couple of times I actually got a pull from the pod it was good, but most of the time just a burnt taste.

Hi Scott! Thanks for your feedback and product review! Leaking is not an uncommon problem among these types of pod designs. It might be helpful to search YouTube for things like 'JUUL Pods Leaking' or other relative issues to those you are currently facing with your vape. We know dry/ burnt tasting hits are usually a result of air bubbles that tend to form around the wick inside of the pod. The air bubbles prevent the wick from properly absorbing the e-liquid inside and so you would experience a dry or burnt tasting hit. A simple fix is to remove the pod, gently flick it with your finger a few times to release the air bubbles, then insert the pod and try again. Repeat as neccessary. Hope that helps!
amazing sales

very fast shipping amazing customer service

Some good some bad

I just received my pods today. I barely put one in my vape and the whole bottom came off and leaked everywhere.

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Very nice starter kit, easy and fun, also nice gift to help someone stop smoking..

never got it

the order was refunded because after you filled out the shipping label and told me the order was shipped, it turned out that you didn't actually have the product, nor did you know when you would ever have it.
the fact that you are asking for a review after you cancelled the order says everything I have to say about your company and my satisfaction.