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ZiiP JUUL Compatible Pod Cartridge Refills - Mint (4 Pack) -
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ZiiP JUUL Compatible Pod Cartridge Refills - Mint (4 Pack) - ZiiP JUUL Compatible Pod Cartridge Refills - Mint (4 Pack) -

ZiiP JUUL Compatible Pod Cartridge Refills - Mint (4 Pack)

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ZiiP JUUL Compatible Pod Cartridge Refills - Mint (4 Pack)

The crisp, refreshing flavor of mint now available in a convenient, disposable pod cartridge, brought to you by ZiiP for your vaping pleasure. Enjoy up to 300 exhilarating puffs per cartridge with your JUUL vaporizer.

- 4 pod cartridges per pack.

- Up to 300 puffs per cartridge.

- Pre-filled with 1.0mL of e-Liquid.

- Available in 3 nicotine concentrations.

- Uses natural nicotine salts for better results.

- Each pod cartridge is equivalent to 1 packs of cigarettes.

ZiiP Pod Cartridges can only be used with the eonsmoke Pod Vaporizer and JUUL Pod Vaporizer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very Good

tastes better then the Juul Pods

Very good

Very good service and product

Thanks Leonardo! Your feedback means a lot to us! Happy to hear you enjoyed those ZiiP Mint Pods for your JUUL Device!
Very disappointed

I ordered my mint pods that I always use for my Juul. For some reason the pods tasted burnt and had absolutely no mint flavor. I ordered two packs so I tried every individual pod in my Juul and they all taste the same. I also tried them in a different Juul device and it’s definitely the pod. Shipping time and all of that was great but I’m sad I have to throw the $32 I spent on the pods down the drain.

Hi Samantha! Thanks for your feedback on the Ziip Pods! It sounds like you're experiencing a very common problem with JUUL and JUUL Compatible Pods. Here's a video by Donny over at channel DonnySmokes on Youtube Please feel free to check it out at your leisure. Basically, dry or burnt-tasting hits are as a result of a poorly saturated wick within the pod. Air-bubbles tend to develop around the wick which prevent them from soaking up the e liquid inside. As a result, a dry or burnt taste is produced. A simple fix is to actually flick your pod gently with your finger to release the air bubbles, then insert it back into your device and vape again. This time around, you should have a better experience. Hope that helps!

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What our customers have to say

238 reviews

i ordered a myle starter pack with 2 packs of pods. the order wasnt shipped on time because they were out of stock, i only found this out when I ASKED, they didnt tell me what was going on. when i finally got the items it was missing a pack! this was totally not cool, and i had to contact them once again to figure out what was going on. i was issued a refund but still frustrated... the MYLE is a great product tho, i love it. but your service needs to provide specific updates about the stock of your items. not a terrible site, just need to fix a few things. my items did deliver within a day of when they shipped so thats a plus

Doesn't last as long...

Logic decided to take away 27mg and left this as the next best option. The also seem to burn out quicker than the old ones.


I waited a very long time and all, and they still have not come. But when they get here I can't wait to try them out.